Media & Client Testimonials:


  1. “Right up there with Roubini and Whitney, Sarhan is one of our most trusted sources.”
    – Wall Street Journal
  2. “Sarhan will always be remembered for his 2008 crisis prediction, but he continues to keep his finger on the pulse year after year.”
    –  International Business Times (
  3. “Sarhan’s timing is uncanny, faster and more accurate than many larger firms. No wonder he is featured so often in the financial press.”
    International Business Times –
  4. “Sarhan is a great source, because he knows the markets from the inside out, while other big-name sources often just see what everyone else sees; I always feel a lot smarter after I talk to him.” -TK Wall Street Journal Equities Reporter Dec 2013
  5. “Adam has a unique ability to simplify complex subjects.  He understands the various forces that drive markets each week.”
    -Andy Giersher Business News Producer CBS Radio Chicago
  6. “As a journalist, I’ve always been surprised how prescient his market calls have been, and often wondered how much money I would make if I were an investor following his calls.”
    – BK Thomson Reuters, New York
  7. “Adam Sarhan has become a trusted named source for many of the different financial markets we cover here at Reuters. Be it fundamental or technical analysis, Mr. Sarhan’s views are always well-balanced and extremely insightful – two very important criteria for the higher-than-usual volatility in today’s financial markets.
    – CK, Industrial Metals Journalist, Thomson Reuters
  8. “Adam’s ability to be reached quickly and easily for impromptu commentary on the market that is both insightful and easy to understand makes him a valuable resource for any markets reporter.”
    – Donna Kardos Yesalavich, Copy Editor, Americas Copy Desk, Dow Jones Newswires
  9. “Adam Sarhan is one of my favorite go-to sources whenever I’m researching a commodities story with broader financial market elements. I track the money flowing through oil, metals and grains; stories that usually require macro market context. Adam’s comments often reflect how well he understands the interaction among the different asset classes that brings together the investing trends of today. And he almost never fails to return calls; once saving me from deadline by calling just before midnight!“
    – Barani Krishnan, Commodities Correspondent (Asset Allocation), Thomson Reuters
  10. “There is a reason why everyone in the media calls Sarhan.” –IBTimes


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“Sarhan’s investment system has helped me accomplish my dream of retiring early. Defense first, simply brilliant!”

— Stephen PineSan Francisco, CA

“I made $87,000 in my first trade!”

— Bill Rodon, London, England

“My account soared +47% last year and I easily beat the market. I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Sarhan’s guidance.”

— Tom Sorsen, New York City

“I began reading Adam’s daily market commentary in November 2006 and have been hooked since. The objective market analysis is really helpful and more importantly: good for my portfolio.”a

— Tom Bernstein, Greenwich, CT

“Sarhan gets it. More importantly, he makes me money.”

— Timothy Hayez, Tampa, Florida

“I always considered myself a fairly educated investor but after subscribing, I learned how to “trust the market” and learned how to identify trends.”

— Kelly Watson, Washington, D.C.

“Sarhan has helped me gather my thoughts and make intelligent unemotional decisions in the market.”

— Phil Hasting, San Francisco, CA

“I’m tired of reading reports that are full of fluff and no substance. When I came across Sarhan and his services, I knew right away that I would be happy.”

— Shelly Goldberg, Chicago, IL

“I’ve been reading Sarhan for years and love it!”

— Amy Moyer, Palm Beach, FL

“Mr. Sarhan is very knowledgeable and informative. He provides facts, without the standard Wall Street gibberish.”

— Avi Toskman New York, NY

“I scored my first +125% gain, after reading Sarhan.”

— Bill Roddenham, Cary, North Carolina

“Sarhan simplifies an otherwise complex environment so I can make profitable decisions in the market each week.”

— Michael ChoungCentral, Hong Kong

“Stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities you name it, Sarhan Capital nails it.”

 Sonia MartinezSan Diego, CA

“Institutional quality research and personalized service. A perfect combo!”

— Thomas Carleston, Chicago, IL

“Sarhan Capital connects the dots that others simply do not see.”

— Nathan Matthews, Boston, MA

“Eduction, education, education. I love to learn and Sarhan loves to teach.”

— Gabriel Rumbrano, Miami, FL

 “I would gladly pay 10x what Sarhan charges for his work. His ideas make me money and that’s what matters.”

— Mark Fastone, Phoenix, AZ

“Sarhan keeps me on my toes with his fact-based research.”

— Justin Maylock, New York, NY

“I make money with Sarhan. He offers intelligent ideas that consistently beat the S&P 500.

— Nicole Ostenberg, Zurich, Switzerland

“Performance is king and Sarhan knows how to perform!”

— Joesph Martino, Rome, Italy

“After reading The Sarhan Analysis, I knew my search for quality research was over.”

— Marc Stone, Westport, CT

“Nothing compares to getting great ideas from a solid source.”

— Nadine Marino, Tampa, FL

“When Sarhan speaks, I’ve learned to listen.”

— Edward Klausken, Frankfurt, Germany

“The Sarhan Analysis saves me time and makes me money.”

— Mike KellyPhiladelphia, PA

“I used to fight the market and lose. Now, thanks to Sarhan, I follow trends and win!”

— Ronald Alba, Kansas City, KS

“Adam makes me money and offers creative ideas.”

— Dr. Pierre Jackson , Paris, France

“Sarhan taught me how to protect my capital. Once protected, I can then focus on having it appreciate.”

— Frank StoneWashington D.C., DC

“He works, I win. Just makes sense”

— Warren Lonts, Chevy Chase, MD

“Sarhan’s strong focus on psychology has taught me invaluable lessons for trading and life!”

— Jerry Young, Summit, NJ

“Refreshing, delightful, and informative. His objective analysis is a great reality check for me.”

— Brent MooreToronto, Canada

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